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Life on the farm

The sound of music drifting softly across the night air.     I can hear the guitar clearly, the words are not my language but I can sense the spirit of the songs.   Laughter, the smell of  food cooking, and the ever-present sound of the horses in their stalls,  munching hay, snorting,  but all like me, enjoying the sounds of celebration.  What a perfect life I live.  It is a birthday dinner,  for part of the team,  the most crucial part.  They take care of the daily operations of the farm.  The horses are fed, watered, stalls cleaned, horses in and out of stalls.   And they spend every day with a goal that is in harmony with mine.   To make this farm a better place.  And as much as I am grateful for the impeccable care they take of the animals, I am also acutely aware that the music and celebration is just as much a gift  that they bring.   They are a part of this place, as much as I am.  The atmosphere is one of  family…  All inclusive,  accepting, and supportive.   It makes me smile inside.

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