Life on the farm

The sound of music drifting softly across the night air.     I can hear the guitar clearly, the words are not my language but I can sense the spirit of the songs.   Laughter, the smell of  food cooking, and the ever-present sound of the horses in their stalls,  munching hay, snorting,  but all like me, enjoying the sounds of celebration.  What a perfect life I live.  It is a birthday dinner,  for part of the team,  the most crucial part.  They take care of the daily operations of the farm.  The horses are fed, watered, stalls cleaned, horses in and out of stalls.   And they spend every day with a goal that is in harmony with mine.   To make this farm a better place.  And as much as I am grateful for the impeccable care they take of the animals, I am also acutely aware that the music and celebration is just as much a gift  that they bring.   They are a part of this place, as much as I am.  The atmosphere is one of  family…  All inclusive,  accepting, and supportive.   It makes me smile inside.

Horses for lease

We offer partial leasing on some of our lesson horses to pre-approved students of Graystone Stables. All leasing is on a monthly fee basis and may be terminated at any time that a Graystone instructor deems the situation to be adversely effecting either horse or rider. Times and days will be pre scheduled.

Leasing options

  • $35 per ride practice rides, pre scheduled times.
  • $375 per month includes one private lesson per week and two practice rides per week.
  • $350 per month includes one group lesson per week and two practice rides per week.


Lessons & Training

GrayStone is a very special place to learn.

  • Multi-discipline.
  • All ages.
  • Quality lesson horses available.
  • Beginner through Advanced.
  • Private or group lessons.
  • Full or partial leases available.

What wonderful gifts to give your child: a lifelong appreciation of horses, self-confidence, responsibility and a first-hand understanding of “partnership.”

Give your child a great start on adulthood: give them skills that will take them far. Riding provides a fun environment for children to learn important lessons: confidence, responsibility, safety, and partnership. These skills follow the young equestrian throughout his or her life.

At GrayStone, children learn more than just how to ride.

For the adult, GrayStone is an ideal environment to improve skills, or to develop new ones. Based on the rider’s ability, lessons focus on the goals of the rider.

Ideally and uniquely suited to the needs of the young equestrian.

  • Safety first!
  • Customized lessons, based on the skills of the rider
  • Beginner through Advanced
  • Good, safe, family-oriented fun

Lisa Eagley – Training fees

Training: (5 days per week) $375/month
Training: (3 days per week) $275/month
Colt Starting ( Horses that have not been successfully ridden)

Training: (per ride)


$45 each

Lisa Eagley   Lesson fees

Private $50.00/50 Minutes
Private on a school horse $60.00/50 Minutes
Group $40.00/50 Minutes
Group on a school horse $50.00/50 Minutes
Practice ride $35.00/each

Associate Instructor Lesson fees

Private                                                                                  $40.00

Private on a school horse                                                $50.00

Group                                                                                   $30.00

Group on a school horse                                                  $40.00


About the facility

Conveniently located between Snohomish, Mill Creek, Bothell, and Woodinville, and only two blocks from SR9, GrayStone Stables and Equestrian Center offers full care horse boarding, training (from start to finish) and lessons for all ages of riders.

  • Our indoor arena is 70×180
  • Our outdoor arena is 110×220.

PaddocksMud- free winter paddocks are kept picked and freshly topped before winter, grassy summer turnout is available seasonally.

Currently our clients interests range from Dressage orWestern pleasure, to Jumping , and Reining.  We are proud of our diversity and promote cross training as a tool to enhance any discipline.  GrayStone offers the services of  USDF Bronze Medalist Lisa Eagley for lessons and training.

Our stalls are matted  and are cleaned and bedded each day.   Water is filled several times during the day and buckets are scrubbed weekly.   We feed quality Eastern Washington hay three times per day, a choice of grass, alfalfa, or a combination of both.   We have a variety of quality grains to meet your horses individual health needs and it  is fed twice a day (up to 4 lbs)   Pre bagged owner supplied supplements are added at no extra cost.

Horses are turned out daily in seasonal paddocks, gravel runs in the winter and grass paddocks in the summer.  Your horse will have an individual turnout  unless you specifically request a turnout buddy and horses are properly socialized to this environment.  Each horse will be outside, weather permitting, for half the day.  We do have all day turnout  available for a fee.

Each stall comes with a large tack locker that you are free to customize however you would like. Hot and cold water wash rack with overhead heater for drying.

Use of heated viewing area, outdoor arena, and indoor arena.


Basic Boarding Fee:                            $550.00

Short term day rate                              $25.00

Oversize stall 12′x24′                          $650.00


All Day turnout                                             $100.00 

Stalls with attached run                          $650.00  (coming soon)

Blanket /Boot change                              $30.00  blanket changing/ boots on/off for turnout                                       

Extra Shavings                                              $75.00/month

Non Emergency Vet and farrier        $25 for 30 min

Non-boarding arena fees

  • Haul in (working with GS resident instructor) $10.00/each
  • Haul in / independent ride                                       $15.00
  • Arena use monthly rate                                               $150/month

Faces of Graystone