GrayStone Stables and Equestrian Center

Happy horses speak for themselves. The Key to having a happy horse is proper care. Nutrition, exercise, clean environment and proper veterinary care, is only part of that equation. When the staff that cares for your horse are knowledgeable and experienced in the many needs of different horses, the recipe for happy horses is complete. Our clients will attest to the quality of care at GrayStone.

GrayStone is a multi-discipline barn, with an emphasis on respect and compassion. Our client disciplines consist of: Dressage, Reining, Western Pleasure, 4-H, pony club, Hunter Under Saddle, Showmanship, and riders that just want to improve their communication skills with their equine companion. Everyone is happy and friendly, making for a welcoming, enjoyable environment.

Our 70×180 indoor arena has excellent footing and is maintained daily. We also offer a 110×220 outdoor arena that has all weather footing and an incredible view of the valley.

Winter paddocks are mud free and there are grassy paddocks for the summer months. Our 35 stalls are bedded with environmentally friendly/ dust free bedding, and cleaned daily. We also offer a hot/cold water wash rack, individual tack lockers, and a heated viewing area.