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Lessons and Training


At GrayStone, we teach more than just the ability of how to ride.

For the young rider:  Riding provides a fun environment for children to learn important lessons: confidence, responsibility, safety, and partnership. The skills and self-esteem the young equestrian gains from this experience can be applied to many different areas of their life as they grow.  They will also gain an appreciation and compassion for horses.

For the adult rider:  GrayStone is an ideal environment to improve skills, develop new ones, or to get on a horse for the very first time. Based on the rider’s ability, lessons focus on the goals of the rider.

  • Multi-discipline
  • Offered to all ages
  • Quality lesson horses available
  • Beginner through Advanced
  • Customized lessons based on the skills of the rider
  • Private or group lessons
  • Partial leases available
  • Safety first!
  • Good, safe, family-oriented fun

Trailer-in for Lessons

If you are not boarding at GrayStone, but you’d like to haul-in your horse to work with one of our instructors, there is a $10.00 haul-in fee for each lesson.


Horses of all disciplines are accepted at GrayStone. Basic manners under saddle and on the ground are key elements in a horse’s early training efforts. This is where it all begins. GrayStone always takes the condition of the horse into account as well as the owners’ individual needs and goals when training.

Training programs includes 3-days or 5-days per week options.

Contact Lisa Engley for more information and pricing.