Lessons & Training

GrayStone is a very special place to learn.

  • Multi-discipline.
  • All ages.
  • Quality lesson horses available.
  • Beginner through Advanced.
  • Private or group lessons.
  • Full or partial leases available.

What wonderful gifts to give your child: a lifelong appreciation of horses, self-confidence, responsibility and a first-hand understanding of “partnership.”

Give your child a great start on adulthood: give them skills that will take them far. Riding provides a fun environment for children to learn important lessons: confidence, responsibility, safety, and partnership. These skills follow the young equestrian throughout his or her life.

At GrayStone, children learn more than just how to ride.

For the adult, GrayStone is an ideal environment to improve skills, or to develop new ones. Based on the rider’s ability, lessons focus on the goals of the rider.

Ideally and uniquely suited to the needs of the young equestrian.

  • Safety first!
  • Customized lessons, based on the skills of the rider
  • Beginner through Advanced
  • Good, safe, family-oriented fun


Faces of Graystone